Books > A Commentary on GENESIS Chapters 1-25

A Commentary on GENESIS Chapters 1-25

Genesis is the beginning of the Bible but it has got the beginning of everything else in it. Here is the beginning of the universe; the beginning of history; the beginning of the human race; the beginning of marriage and family life; the beginning of government and civilisation; the beginning of the arts; the beginning of music; the beginning of sin and the beginning of death. The book of Genesis begins with the living God and it ends with a dead man, and the last words in this book are “in a coffin”. That, in a sense, sums up the message of the book. History began with the living God but it very soon became about a dead man, and the tragic story of Genesis tells us about that. You will never answer the biggest questions in life unless you can go back to the beginning. It provides the clue to such questions as: “Where did the world come from? Why am I here? What is life all about? Is there any purpose at all?” You have to go back to the beginning to find the answers. Therefore, the book of Genesis is a thrilling book; it gives you the answers to such questions.

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