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A Commentary on Galatians

The modern mood is that we do not want to argue about religion. We do not want to quarrel, but to be comfortable with each other. Galatians is not that kind of a letter. Paul argues with other Christians, not with unbelievers, and his message in the letter has in turn caused many arguments. Arguments can be good. If Luther had not been willing to get into an argument, the Reformation would not have occurred. When we come to Galatians, we are handling some of the biggest issues of all. There are fundamental issues without which you lose the Christian gospel, so, I am afraid, fighting is involved. Many of the biggest battles that Christians have to face are inside the church, not outside it. That is painful. Who likes a family that is arguing? Whenever the devil attacks the church from the outside, the church gets stronger and bigger. His attacks are much more successful when they come from the inside, and one of the quickest ways to do that is to pervert or corrupt or erode the gospel. If he can do that, he knows that he has destroyed the church from the inside.

Legalism and licence are still with us. But so is true liberty. We must stay and walk with others along the narrow path, the wind of the Spirit blowing in our faces and the blessing of God’s grace upon us. We are free not to sin and free to be bold, if we will only walk in the Spirit. Galatians is one of the most powerful letters you will ever read.

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