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Jesus Baptises in One Holy Spirit

For the most part, the Church has been silent about Jesus’ role as Baptiser in the Spirit, though John declared this to be the principle contribution of His Messianic ministry.

Through exploration of the relevant Scriptures, David Pawson describes eight essential elements in Spirit baptism. He maintains that the sacramental, evangelical and pentecostal streams in Christianity have all failed to do justice to this biblical doctrine. In particular, its dual purpose of purity and power for salvation and service needs to be recovered if we are to become a truly apostolic Church in the 21st Century. David Pawson writes, “After a century of prominence, first outside the mainline denominations and then inside them, ‘Baptism in the Spirit’, is again falling out of the picture. Before this surprising decline is accepted, urgent questions need to be faced. Are we in danger of losing something vital? The world has yet to see how much power, purity and unity there would be throughout the church if all her streams were declaring as loudly and clearly as John the baptiser, ‘We baptise you in water, but Jesus will baptise you in the Holy Spirit’.

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