Biblical Christian Zionism

There is a rising tide of anti-semitism in British churches. Christian Zionists are charged with being politically dangerous, supporting an occupying oppressor in the Middle East and threatening world peace. They are also said to be theologically heretical for two reasons.
On the one hand, they teach the very opposite of Replacement theology (the notion that the church has replaced Israel as God’s people to achieve his purpose) which has been part of Christian tradition for centuries. On the other hand, the Zionist conviction that God has brought Israel back to her own land in our day has become entangled with Dispensational theology, which is largely discredited in Britain but still widely held in America.
These three talks are an integral series, aiming to lay a foundation for Biblical Christian Zionism in the New Testament. They expose the differences between this and both Replacement and Dispensational viewpoints, one too anti-Israel and the other too pro-Israel. Given in March 2007