God Keeps His Promise to Curse and Bless His People

The survival of the Jewish people is one of the great miracles in history and their suffering one of the great mysteries. It is impossible to talk about Israel without considering the God of Israel, who seems to have done a better job at preserving them than protecting them. It only makes sense when His promises to them are studied, both to scatter them among the nations and gather them to their own land, both to curse them with the hostility of nature and fallen human nature and to bless them with fertility and freedom.
Both came to a climax in one decade of the twentieth century, the 40’s, but both still continue to the present day.

But God is not arbitary or capricious. His attitude and actions are directly related to their willingness or stubborness to be a people who reflect his own character for all others to see. He will deal with all other nations in the same way He has dealt with His own.

Given in Ilford on the 9th July 2005.