Why Does God Allow Natural Disasters?

When natural disasters such as tsunamis, floods and earthquakes occur, many people ask the question ‘If God is all-powerful and loving, why does he allow such things to happen?’ David Pawson looks carefully at what the Bible has to say about the significance of such events which can disrupt the lives of millions, bringing destruction, injury and death. As the number and intensity of such disasters increases, this teaching answers the need for a thoroughly biblical understanding of a major issue.

“If God is all-powerful and all-loving, how can He allow things like earthquakes to happen?” This question was acutely raised by the devastating tsunami on Boxing Day, 2004. David Pawson was invited to give three one hour broadcasts on Revelation TV to deal with this very issue.
David first dealt with three unsatisfactory answers – that all suffering is a mystery, that so much unselfish goodwill is generated and that God himself suffers with us. A sentimental view of the divine nature and human nature only compounds the problem. Only the Scriptural understanding of how God is and how bad we are can provide a solution that satisfies the reason and conscience. Such an event can then be seen as a global warning of worse to come and a token of a better beyond.
Given on Revelation TV in January 2005